About the city

Kutno – economically developed city that remembers about it`s tradition, creates possibilities of comprehensive development and higher standard of living for it`s inhabitants, is fully prepared for a global competition – that is the mission of our city development, accepted by local authorities within the framework of “The Strategy of Kutno City Development”.

Kutno (area of 33,6 square km, population of 50 000 inhabitants) is located next to the boundaries of geographical and historical regions (Masovia, Kuyavia, the Lands of Łęczyca and Greater Poland) by the Ochnia River, which drifts into the Bzura river. Kutno is the district capital and contains 11 communes.

Kutno is located in the center of Poland (21 km from geometrical center), near the intersection of important international communication trails: E-30 (Berlin – Moscow) and E-75 (Gdańsk – Vienna) and near to the planned motorway A-1 (North – South).

Kutno is one of the biggest railway junctions in Poland. It is linked to many important cities in Poland and Europe (e.g. with Berlin, Cologne, Moscow, Warsaw, Łódź, Poznań, Szczecin).

Kutno has industrial areas, located particularly in Kutno Agro – Industrial Park with following advantages: trunk-line with developed railway sidings network, neighbourhood of the international roads, heating plant, Municipal Group Sewage – Treatment Plant, electric and telephone network along with goodwill and help of the municipal authorities encouraging new investors. Favorable to the enterprise development climate creates opportunities for investors, it is confirmed by the fact that in the area of KPAP or in it`s close neighbourhood there are seats of over 25 companies with domestic and foreign capital share.

Kutno within the framework of Łódź Special Economic Zone offer to investors the area that is properly equipped with infrastructure and the investment’s tax exemptions. Kutno sub-zone of LSEZ covers the area of 32,6 ha. The most important investment’s abatements and exemptions includes:

  • Support for new investments – 50% income tax exemption for investments (65% for small and medium size companies with employment below 250 people),
  • Support concerning way of employment – income tax exemption equal to 50% two-year employment cost of the newly employed (65% for small and medium size companies).

A necessary condition to obtainin permission to start a new business in LSEZ and avail of tax exemptions is the investment of 100 000 EURO minimum in a new business as well as the maintenance of the employment for at least 5 years in cases where a new investor is given employment privileges.

Kutno has developed transport - spedition base (transport and spedition companies, customs agencies, department of customs office).

Kutno is also city of the clean environment, good quality of drinking water, void of biological and chemical foulness.

Kutno is prouds on attractive Old Town with newly renovated Królewska st and Piłsudski Square, a favourable place of strolls and relaxation for the Kutno inhabitants. Among its monuments we can admire the classicistic city hall from 19th century (nowadays seat of the Regional Museum), where old exhibits and documents shows the history of town. There is also a former Municipal Theatre, where Nobel Prize winner Henryk Sienkiewicz met up with the town inhabitants; the Palace Complex dating from the years 1775 to 1791, which was visited by Caesar Napoleon Bonaparte, the Prussian king Frederic August and Charles de Gaulle, who was in Poland in 1920 during a military mission; a classicistic chapel – mausoleum of the previous owners of Kutno – Walentyn and Feliks Mniewski; a neo-gothic church erected during the years 1882 to 1883 and the Saxon Palace founded by the king August III. An attentive observer can notice interesting charming parts and buildings of our city.

Kutno has in it`s offer network of schools and institutions with all stages of education. Worth underlining are numerous educative courses at after-gymnasium schools and with higher level.

Kutno offers to it`s inhabitants various groups of attractive possibilities and forms of leisure and developing interests, thanks to the institutions that are functioning in the area of culture, education and sport.

Kutno is the European (first outside USA) Little League Baseball Center for 55 European, African and Asian countries. It provides the possibility to promote sport and encourage children and youths to actively spend time. The European Baseball Championships has been organized two times in Kutno. In the area of city its inhabitants can practice various kind of sports, e.g. football, basketball or athletics.

Kutno is constantly developing it`s international buisness relationships, cooperation with Bat-Yam – city from Israel and a Saxon city Grimma confirmes that. According to the framework of the Kutno Region Communes Association city cooperates with a northern English County - Northumberland. This cooperation refers to the cultural, sport and youth exchange. Foreign contacts provides the possibility for enrichment and exchange of experiences.