For investors

Kutno had been given a graduation in The Fair Play Commune contest and Certificated Investment Localisation certificate thanks to such advantages as: quality of investor service, infrastructure of investment areas, trasportation accessibility, labor market and good social climate. In 2007, 2008 Kutno city as a laureate of the The Fair Play Commune contest had been given statuate in middle city category. In 2009 Kutno received Gold Stautu. The Fair Play commune creates good exemplars of cooperation between self-goverment and enterprenuer, exemplars that are worth to follow by every administrative posts in Poland. Communes are also opened for new economic - investment initiatives that provides friendly climate for investors and professional investment service.

Winning of such prize influenced creating the Kutno Agro - Industry Park (KAIP) in 1998 with the area of 370 ha and establishing of Kutno Subzone of Łódź Special Economic Zone. Forementioned areas successively equipped with the technical infrastructure are economic city offer. Currently in the area of KAIP are over 50 companies representing capital of 20 countries that employ over 4,5 thousand employees.

Besides perfectly situated investment areas city also offers educated personnel (city has two higher education institutions) and favorably disposed to new investments local authorities and inhabitants. Investors can find in Kutno all essential for starting new investment institutions and offices.