Mayor of Kutno City

The Mayor of Kutno City - Zbigniew Burzyński

Born: 1952.

Wife: Grażyna, Doctor of medicine.

Children: sons Cezary and Paweł – Warsaw School of Economics graduates.

Education: higher education at Warsaw Technical University as a Master of Science and engineer of telecommunications, diploma of Undergraduate Marketing and Management Studies in Warsaw, Jan Kasprowicz II High School graduate.

Professional experience:

  • Since 1978 employed at ZPR "Miflex",
  • Since 1990 until 1992 Technical and Development Director at ZPR “Miflex” in Kutno,
  • Since 1998 until 2000 Marchal Director at ZPR “Miflex” in Kutno.

Government experience:

  • Since 1995 until 1998 – Deputy Mayor of Kutno City,
  • Since 1998 The Mayor of Kutno,
  • Since 1998 until 2002 Councilman in Kutno City Council,
  • In 2002 has been sworn as a Mayor of Kutno City,
  • In 2006 once again has been sworn as a Mayor of Kutno City.

City Hall Units which are under His supervision:

  • Internal Auditor Office,
  • Owners Supervision Office,
  • Geodesy & Cadastral Department,
  • Law Advisors,
  • City Hall Secretary,
  • City Hall Treasurer,
  • Investments Department,
  • City Council Office,
  • City Service Office,
  • The Mayor Office,
  • Registry Office,
  • Municipal Guard Commander,
  • Health & Safety Duty.