There are many sport clubs and associations in Kutno. They promote spending free time in active and healthy way. What is the most importiant they give possibilities to practise different kind of sports. We have 18 Sports Clubs and associationst in Kutno altogether.

One that is the most important for City is the Center of the Little Baseball League that gathers 55 countries from Europe, Africa and Asia. Beseball players from Kutno take up the basic places during matches not only local area but also in foreign. Baseball in Kutno has begun in 1984 when Mr Juan Echevarria took initiative about training youth from Kutno schools. Nowadays, Kutno is proud of 17ha area with ground for playing baseball and stadiums named by Edward Piszek and Stan Musiał. We invites many guests from various countries and organises Europen Junior League. Our Junior Team has represented Kutno on the foreign areas and took up important positions on these events.

What is more we also have Basketball Players Club such as Local Sports Club "Kutno" and AZS. In AZS which is connected with one of the Kutno Hight Schools (Wyższa Szkoła Gospodarki Krajowej) everyone can play football, valleball and practise taekwen-do. Another place where boys can play football is the Local Sports Club "Kutno" (MKS).

It is also possible to train shooting in Shooting Sports Club called "Orzeł" ("Eagle") , fishing in Local Association named "Zalew", practise tennis, judo and swimming.