Bicycle tour

We invite everyone to the blue bike trail called “In the Centre of Poland” (“W Centrum Polski”).

Since today everone can travel by bike through forementioned tourist tour. Map below shows bike tour through the city.

Bicycle Tour “In the Centre of Poland” comprise the north part of bicycles tour called “In the Kingdom of Devil Boruta" ( “W Królestwie Diabła Boruty”). It leads through Zgierz and Łęczyca. Tour is about 114 km long so that it gives possibility to see many interesting tourist attractions in Kutno and region. For instance: Oporów with magnificent castle on the island where Museum of the Fashion Interiors and complex of the Paulins Monastery are located. Moreover one can see monumental temples in Orłów, Żychlin, Grochów, Mnich, Bedlno and Łęki Kościelne. What`s more there are many lordly and noble residences in Kutno, Krośniewice and whole region. Everyone can visit local parks, tour of the nature reserve “Dąbrowa Świetlista” and Kutno, Krośniewice and Oporów Museums.

Bicycle tour in Kutno is about 11 750 m long and marked with the special signs accordingly to marking instruction from PTTK. On the map mentioned below trail is marked with blue dashed line.

Beginning/end of trail Confirmation of straight forward road Right turn Left turn