Edward Piszek

Edward Piszek was born on 24th October 1916 in Chicago within Polish emigrant family. He died on 27th March 2004 year. He was social campaigner, philantropist and businessman. Edward Piszek has iniciated constructiing the Europen Centre of Little Baseball League in Kutno. As one on the first investors fork over 100.000 $ for this investigation. He also act about the Kutno Little League promotion in USA. He has wanted to search for another sponsors in USA to continue development in Kutno. He was big friend of Kutno and very often could find the time to visit our town.

Edward Piszek has started activity for Kutno in the end of 60s. He forwarded medical equipment worth more than one milion dolars. He was engaged in promotion and adaptation of Poland in NATO. Edward Piszek set up organizations and fundations such as Peace Corps Partneship, Liberty Bell Foundation, Copernicus Society of America, Polish Copernicus Fundation and Tadeusz Kościuszko Museum in Philadelphia.

He possessed Jagiellonian University Honouris Causa Doctorate. Edward Piszek has been honoured some high decoration such as Commander Cross with Polish Renaissance White Star Medal or Jerusalem City Peaceful Award. He was nominated in 1988 by the USA Congress for the Presidential Freedom Medal.