Stanley Frank Musial

Stanley Frank Musial was born on 21th November 1920 in Pensylvania. He died 19th January 2013. He has got Polish roots because his parents were Polish emigrants. Stanley Musial was the booster of baseball in Poland. His merits for Kutno promotion in USA are huge. During his visit in Kutno in 1987 he forwarded sporting equipments worth about 50.000 $ for PZBall and carried on for development the Europen Little Baseball Centre. He carried on about extension of this complex. On 5th August 2000 the new stadium on the Europen Baseball Little League ground received his name.

Stanley Frank Musial was prominent contestant – the legend about American baseball. He was playing only in one club – The St. Louis Cardinals and played there between 1941 and 1963. In this time he got many graduates from all over the world. He is considered as one of the best players in the American Baseball History.