Eugeniusz Filpowicz

Eugeniusz Filpowicz was born on 31th December 1903 in Koluszki. After he had finished the Public Rail School he has been attending to High School in Kutno. He finished it in 1924. During his studies in the Warsaw SGH he has belonged to Youth Democration Union . He was also the chairman of SGH Kindred Help. During the Polish-Soviet war in 1920 he was struggling in 27 infantry regiment as a volunteer. After that he graduated the Cadet Grunt High School. In December 1936 he followed Kutno Town Clerk.

In 1938 he was chose by ONZ to be the chambers of deputies in 11 district. During the occupation he was the officer of the Homeland Army. He was the prisoner of the German on the Pawiak and got out of there on 3th March 1942. After war he has been working in the Department of Health and were the councillor of Warsaw. Since 1998 he has been Kutno freemen of the city.