Dr Antoni Troczewski

Dr Antoni Troczewski was born on 1st June 1861 in Łomża. He arrived to Kutno in 1891. Firstly he has been working as a volunteer and doctor. Then he was a director of the Hospital of St. Lawrence. Thanks to his reorganization this Hospital was the one of the best establishments in the Polish Kingdom. Dr. Troczewski was very popular among the hospital patients. They were grateful because of free of charges treatments. He thought the work for people was his mission. From his initiative the first High School in Kutno (J.H.Dąbrowski High School) has been build.

His own initiative “Kutno Weekly” (“Tygodnik Kutnowski” ) was assumed and Dr. Troczewski was director and publisher of it. He received the freemen of the Kutno title. He died on 22th September 1928.